NHAIS Member Activity

Reports on how libraries use the resources of the NHAIS.

NHAIS Member Activity Reports

Notes on 2013 Activity Report

  • This report includes Interlibrary Loan activity for calendar year 2013 and information on the number of items listed in the NHU-PAC as held by each library as of the second week of January 2014.
  • All libraries who were registered NHAIS members in January 2014 are included in the report, whether they currently participate in NHAIS ILL or not. Indicated "Current ILL Status" is as of January 13, 2014.
  • The number indicated for "2013 Loans Set to Not Available BY" is a count of each time that a potential lender marks a request "unfilled." This means that for a single ILL request you might have several "unfilled" responses included in this count. For example, if you include 5 libraries in the lender string on your request and the first 3 cannot fill the request, but it is filled by the 4th lender, then that request will count as 3 "unfilled" and 1 filled request. (The 5th lender that the request never got to isn't counted at all).
  • Holdings information is included for 6 years ago and the past 3 years. The count indicated is how many holdings a library had during January (when we collect the snapshot data) of the indicated year.
  • Questions about the information in this report should be directed to Mary Russell.