Moose Plate Grant Program

As part of the NH Conservation License Plate (Moose Plate) program, the State Library offers grants to public institutions for the preservation of historically significant documents and manuscripts.

This Conservation License Plate Grant Program is made possible by the sale of "Moose License Plates." Grants are available to public institutions with publicly owned documents that are significant to the history of New Hampshire. For more information on the Moose License Plate program, visit

The first step in applying for a State Library Moose Plate grant is to send a Letter of Intent.

The letter should briefly describe the documents to be preserved, and the type of preservation work you're planning to do. You will also need to explicitly state that the documents in question are publicly owned, as required by the Moose Plate grant program.

The Letter of Intent deadline is May 5, 2023. If your Letter of Intent is approved, the grant proposal is due June 23, 2023.

Now accepting Letters of Intent for 2023/2024 Moose Plate Grants

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