Playback Equipment

Free reading materials and playback equipment needed to read audiobooks and magazines.

Free reading materials and playback equipment needed to read audiobooks and magazines are available on loan from the Talking Book Services Library. The players have rechargeable batteries and offer readers high-quality sound. They have built-in audio instructions, advanced navigation, and variable speed controls. Players have a “bookshelf” feature for navigating a digital cartridge that contains more than one book or magazine. The advanced player enables bookmarking and navigation, allowing readers to skip to different parts of a book. Accessories for the players include adapters for commercial cartridges and USB drives, lightweight headphones, breath switches, and remote controls. Readers with significant hearing loss may request a high-volume player and headphones. Playback equipment and accessories are supplied to eligible persons on extended loan. If this equipment is not being used for reading recorded material provided by the Library, please return it to the Library. NLS equipment and materials are the property of the Library of Congress and should not be sold, reproduced and/or copied.

Talking Books audiobook player


The players have rechargeable batteries and variable speed controls. To recharge the battery, plug the power cord (found at the back of the machine) into an outlet. It takes approximately 2 hours for the battery to fully recharge.

After signing up for the library services, you will have free access to books, magazines, equipment and accessories. A digital talking book player is needed to play the audio books and magazines cartridges you receive from the library. A player is provided free of charge to registered users of the library. The player is on loan and you may use the player until you stop using library services. Then the player must be returned to the library. The playback equipment, as well as books and accessories, are property of The Library of Congress and are on loan.

Returning Equipment to the Library

When the player or accessories no longer operate properly, or you cancel services, return the equipment to the library by postage free mail, or drop it off at your NH public library and they will put it on the state library van for return to TBS. When you are going to return the equipment, contact the library and let us know if you need a replacement or if we should cancel your services. If you send a note with the equipment, be sure to include your name and contact information.

If you are going to return the player by mail, use the box it came in, turn the mail card over so the library address is showing, and give it to your postal carrier. There is no postage charge to return the machine to the library. If you no longer have the box, contact the library and a box will be sent to you.


  • Headphones
  • USB Adapter to use in conjunction with a USB flash drive to listen to downloaded books (BARD),
  • Remote control
  • Breath switch


Digital players will play music that you download to a flash drive. You can listen to music on your audiobook player. MP3 and RIFF WAV files can be downloaded to a clean flash drive (that does not have any other files on it.) The flash drive can then be inserted into the USB port on the right side of the player. TBS does not provide music. For information about braille and large print music scores and books about music and musicians, visit the NLS Music Section.

Found Property

In the event you find NLS property, such as machines or accessories, please return them immediately one of two ways: Bring items to your local library and the items will be returned to the State Library via the inter-library van service. Or you may package items in any securely sealed box and send through the U.S. Postal Service to the Talking Book Services Library in Concord.