Library catalogs maintained by the NH State Library.

The New Hampshire State Library Catalog contains titles acquired from 1980 onwards and an ever-growing number of older holdings as we work through the retrospective conversion process for our collection. Materials not yet in the online catalog are included in the card catalog in the lobby of the State Library.

The NH State Government Digital Document Depository includes a collection of full-text documents electronically produced or digitally scanned by NH state agencies and is searchable by agency, division, or keyword.

NH Downloadable Books was established to help New Hampshire public libraries provide digital materials to their patrons. This digital collection is comprised of fiction and nonfiction eBooks and audiobooks, which aims to mirror the popular physical collections found in NH public libraries.

The NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System reflects the holdings of the public, school, academic, and special libraries that make up the New Hampshire Automated Information System and supports searching of local automated library catalogs via Z39.50 and the NHU-PAC which contains the holdings of those libraries who chose not to connect a live local catalog to the system.

The Talking Books section of the NHSL maintains several catalogs specific to their programs.

fiction books at the lane memorial library, hampton