The NH statutes and information on this page relate to the governance and administration of libraries in the state.

Chapter 5 Local Government Records Management Improvement Program

Chapter 20 Publication and Distribution of Bills, Joint Resolutions, Legislative Manual, Statutues, Journals, and Reports

Chapter 21 Definition of NH Resident

Chapter 31 Powers and Duties of Towns


Chapter 32 Municipal Budget Law

Chapter 33 Disposition of Municipal Record

Chapter  41 Town Officers

Chapter 91 Access to Public Records and Meetings

Chapter 155 Definitions for Public Accommodations; Indoor Smoking Act

Bylaws and Inspection

Chapter 155-A Construction and Inspection of Public Buildings

Chapter 201-A The State Library

Chapter 201-B Interstate Library Compact

Chapter 201-E  Museum Property Act

Chapter 202-A Public Libraries

Chapter 202-B Distribution of Public Documents

Chapter 276-A Youth Employment Laws

Chapter 277 Safety and Health of Employees


Chapter 279  Minimum Wage

Chapter 352 Authors' and Artists' Productions

Chapter 508 Limitation of Actions

Chapter 633 Interference with Freedom

Chapter 643 Abuse of Office

Chapter 644 Breaches of the Peace and Related Offenses

Disorderly Conduct

Chapter 645 Public Indecency

Chapter 650 Obscene Matter

Chapter 651 Sentences

Chapter 664 Political Advertising

Chapter 669 Town Elections

New Hampshire Supreme Court Decisions

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