Borrowing from Libraries

How to find and borrow materials from the many libraries in the Granite State.

Each library in New Hampshire is governed by its own board of trustees and sets its own policies for who may borrow which of their materials. Most libraries include their borrowing policy (sometimes called a lending policy) on their website Library Directory to find websites for specific libraries.

Libraries throughout the state can borrow materials from each other on behalf of their patrons using the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System. To place a request through the system individuals should visit their local library. Some libraries in the state allow patrons to place requests directly in the system. If your library allows this we suggest that you view the  Patron Initiated ILL Requests training video.

The NH State Library allows New Hampshire residents to borrow from our collections. Details on what can be borrowed directly and how to do so are included in our Borrowing Policy.Search our online catalog to locate specific titles and to find direct links to a large collection of digital Federal government documents.

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