An open source ILS solution for small New Hampshire libraries.

Background Information

The nhaisLOCAL community is comprised of New Hampshire libraries who are working with the NH State Library and ByWater Solutions to make nhaisLOCAL the solution for library automation in our state.

nhaisLOCAL member libraries

Live as of Summer 2013

Live as of January 2019

Live as of August 2020

Live as of March 2014

Live as of June 2021

Live as of May 2016

Live as of January 2022
(through an IMLS ARPA grant)

Expanding the community

If your library is interested in joining the nhaisLOCAL community please check out the terms and pricing info and contact NHAIS Services with any questions.

These links and resources may be useful to the libraries who are members of the nhaisLOCAL cooperative. Feel free to browse through anything that interests you, but please be aware this is administrative stuff and may not be as clearly explained as resources intended for your patrons should be. You may also want to check out the nhaisLOCAL blog.

Bywater Solutions Resources

Login for MIGRATION Ticketing (requires account and password) -- for assistance contact the NHAIS Help Desk
ByWater Solutions YouTube Channel
Koha OPAC Demo Site (username and password are bywater)
Koha Staff Client Demo Site  (username and password are bywater)

Self-Paced Learning Resources

Cataloging Cataloging Tools Circulation
More Circulation Patrons Fines
OPAC More OPAC Staff Client
Creating Koha Reports Serials  

General Koha Resources

Community Documentation
Koha Wiki   
Bugzilla (details on reported Koha bugs)
Koha Community Code of Conduct