New Librarians & Staff

Resources for new librarians and library staff.

Welcome to the New Hampshire library community! This page contains information and resources for librarians new to New Hampshire, particularly public librarians.

The main source of information specific to public librarians and their professional development needs in New Hampshire are available through the LibGuides created by New Hampshire State Library staff. They can be accessed via our NHSL LibGuides web pages.

As new public library staff, you should become familiar with the NH statutes that relate to public libraries. These can be found on NH Statutes for Libraries.

For more information about how municipal government in New Hampshire works, visit the New Hampshire Municipal Association web site and take advantage of the many resources they have available. All 234 New Hampshire towns are members of this organization. If your library receives municipal taxpayer dollars for funding, library staff can become members and access a wide variety of training.

If your New Hampshire library is a non-profit, or your municipal library has a Friends group our Foundation, make sure to check out the resources available through the New Hampshire Department of Justice, Charitable Trusts Division. All charitable organizations in NH are required to register with the department, and to provide an annual report when required. Please visit the website for details.

Other library organizations that can provide information and support to New Hampshire librarians can be found on Library Organizations. [please link words to URL for page when created]. This page also includes lists of the regional library co-op members in New Hampshire and the current contact person.

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